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"I come from an upbringing where I was always encouraged to focus on building competence and achieving excellence in my academics and career, rather than on personal appearance. Over the years, I have come to realise that excellence is a package deal. It cannot come by solely focussing on building competence. How I present myself and am perceived by others is equally important. And fashion or well thought of make-up can be one of the tools to achieve that.

When a much respected career coach suggested I speak to Julie, I thought that maybe taking Julie's advice would add that extra bounce of confidence in me when I attend my next high profile meeting or even just step into work.
And it did!

Julie helped me rethink my style quotient and assess what I really wanted to be known as. She did not just come, suggest some changes and leave. She patiently guided me through the entire process and encouraged me to arrive at my own personal style statement. Owing to her advice I feel I am more confident and that shines through even more in my work. I recommend Julie for all newbies to fashion and also for those who believe they understand their style but need to think outside the box to achieve that extra mile."

- Vineeta


"After having a family I lost the body I had to the memories of those who remember it; and being closer to 50 that I admit I had my work cut out to try and get back the svelt, confident me. I was running a business and family in the timeframe alloted and didn't have the time or knowledge to get the look I wanted or even know where to look! Money is my game, not fashion! I had tried for seven years to get it right and realised no matter what I did at this stage I needed help. Easier said than done I might add, so (sobbingly) I
engaged Julie, who was part of a group I meet up with on a quarterly basis.

Julie not only took control but immediately made a massive impact to my image, style and business; and I immediately I had my zing back! I trusted her completely. Within days of starting the process with Julie I was engaged by a large firm to support their business; and had clients that did not waste my time and paid me without question."

- Yvette Wain


"I had two major problems: Confidence and time. I was so immersed in keeping my head above the water in my busy professional life that I was not able to dedicate the necessary time to ensure my presentation was at is best and reflecting my personality.

Life is intense, and for senior professional women, even more so. I recommend Julie as a trusted confidante and stylist. The extra set of trusted eyes, the added heart to make sure we look and feel our best - especially at those critical professional moments - and the sharp intellect who is thinking on our behalf about how to ensure we look great at that next appointment. With Julie, she will look after the visual, I therefore only need to worry about the content!"

- Jane Sydenham-Clark


Learn how to project confidence and credibility to advance your career with my simple strategies of dressing I teach all of my successful clients.


You know how busy executive women have a wardrobe full of clothes and still wake up wondering what to wear every day? 


I help you dress for business, professional, smart casual, and even business casual… and Yes there is a difference.


Research has proven how you dress can have huge implications on the impressions you make on others which can seriously affect your image and personal brand.


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